Pacific City Dory Chinook!

Pacific City Dory Chinook! was shot back in September of 2012, on a clear day and calm ocean. The kind of ocean Captain Burt would describe as “user friendly.”

Pacific City Dory Boat Fishing

Since coho season was closed we targeted chinook salmon with our locations and techniques and as you’ll see we were ultimately successful. It was a good day of fishing and we also caught several ling cod and sea bass but I didn’t include any of that in the video. The story seemed complete with just the one fish.

After watching the High Jump Cat video I was inspired to try some slow motion effects myself and I like how it turned out. Originally I was only going to only slow down the netting, but once I saw the whole sequence in slow-mo I kept it. Not only does the slow motion effect create a surreal and dream-like quality to the action, it creates an interesting effect on sound. There’s the splashing water, the fish flopping on the deck, and the clattering of the metal dodger, but it’s the voices that really convey the experience. They take on a deep and primal quality, and while the words become unintelligible to the modern mind, the meaning is understood.

So here it is, hope you enjoy.

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One Response to Pacific City Dory Chinook!

  1. Marvin Bescheinen says:

    Great vidio , Richard. I could almost taste the fish in the skillet. I am always amazed by how the boats “skate” up the beach to be reloaded on the the trailer. For boat owners here in the midwest it looks so very strange.

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