According to Greek mythology Pandora, daughter of the god Zeus, was given a locked box when she was sent to live among the mortals.  The key to the box was given to her husband with strict instructions never to open it but, much like another story you might be familiar with, the temptation was too great and she disobeyed Zeus. She stole the key from her husband while he lay sleeping and opened the box, releasing into the world disease, sickness, envy, and hate.


Fortunately for us today Pandora isn’t the bearer of a box containing bad things but rather a free and simple to use internet radio station. For mobile devices you’ll probably need the free app, but for a PC simply click here and enter an artist, genre, or composer to create your “station” and away you go. If you like what’s playing give it a thumbs up, and if you don’t, give it a thumbs down. In a short while Pandora will get pretty good at offering up interesting new tracks and artists for you to enjoy.

For example, I never would have discovered the ethereal ambient sounds of German musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss were it not for Pandora. I find his first two collections, Far Away Trains Passing by and A Strangely Isolated Place delightful. However stay away from his aptly named latest effort A Long Way to Fall, it’s not so good.

Here’s a couple tracks from A Strangely Isolated Place.

This one is out of this world:

And this one is just fun:

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