Lightning Caused Tree Fire!

A thunderstorm moved through the area and left us a quite a surprise!

I was out in the back yard and could see flashes of lightning, but since it was 5 to 10 seconds between the flash and the thunder I figured the lightning was far enough away to be unconcerned, until suddenly…flash-BANG! Very close, no delay at all!

Shortly after the storm passed I noticed a column of smoke rising over the neighborhood and I alerted the family. Naturally we went over to investigate, and this is what we saw.

Luckily the lightning missed any houses, but instead hit a tall evergreen and it was fully engulfed. Even the shrubbery on the ground was in flames! What power!

And speaking of power how about today’s smart phones? Certainly not on the scale of a bolt of lightning, but it seems like only yesterday I had a big old Motorola “brick” that could only make calls, and now I can play junior newsman with a pocket-sized communication device. Technology, advancing like lightning.

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