Photo 101, Day 4: Bliss

The day 4 Photo 101 assignment is “Bliss”.

When I said yesterday I would probably regret my vow to create each days assignment from scratch little did I know how soon it would become reality! What an interesting challenge, to capture a state of mind with an image.

Because they’re so care free and haven’t yet learned to inhibit their joy my first thought was to photograph children, maybe playing in the rain and splashing through mud puddles. But since I don’t have any little people, and there wasn’t time enough to make any, I had to go with the next best thing. The pets.

But still it wasn’t easy…first I tried the fish but they were totally uncooperative. All I could get from them was the same blank expression and unblinking stare. Next I tried the dog and I have to give him credit. He rolled over, sat up and begged, and otherwise did his happy go lucky best but ultimately he conveyed drooling anticipation far more than bliss.

So todays award goes to to Zen master cat and Whisker Lickin’s tuna flavored kitty treats ~ pure bliss ~ and no regrets.

Enjoying the Challenge.

Bliss by Richard Gessford

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2 Responses to Photo 101, Day 4: Bliss

  1. mellam says:

    Really nice! Makes me miss my kitty that’s on the other side of the world.

  2. tildy1 says:

    Pretty cat! My cat loves his Friskies Party Mix!

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