Photo101, Day 5: Solitude

The day 5 Photo101 assignment is “Solitude”.

When I first saw the assignment last night I immediately thought about shooting open spaces out in the country. Rolling farmland, deep forests, or isolated river banks. Big wide open landscapes!

Then this morning it was foggy and the mist shrouded trees absolutely screamed solitude, but duty called and I didn’t have time to shoot.

By the time I was finally free it was dark and I once again found myself at the riverfront on the old train trestle. The City of Salem bought it for $1.00 in 2003 and converted it into a bicycle and pedestrian path connecting Riverfront Park on the east bank with Wallace Marine Park on the west. It was originally built in 1912 and like anything 100 years old its got a history.

In the cool night air I pretty much had the whole span to myself and I got some good pictures of solitude, but one in particular stood out. A lonely view point overlooking the river far below, bathed in moonlight.

Strange, maybe I wasn’t as alone as I thought…

Solitude by Richard Gessford

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