Photo 101, Day 7: Landmark

Today’s Photo 101 challenge is “Landmark”.

My original plan was to head back down to the riverfront and take a picture of the “Eco-Earth Globe”.

Before it became the Eco-Earth Globe it was called the “acid ball” on account of it having been an acid filled pulp processing vessel from the old Boise Cascade pulp and paper mill. The ball was originally built in the Portland ship yards and floated up the Willamette River to Salem and because it is so massive Boise Cascade simply left it behind when they demolished the plant and vacated the riverfront decades ago.

Then in 2003 the city, together with local artists and students, turned the acid ball into an earth globe by attaching a ceramic mosaic to the outside. It’s really very nice but you won’t be seeing it today. I got a late start and lost the light.

I got some okay shots of the acid ball but they weren’t as good as the ones I took of the Golden Pioneer atop the Oregon State Capital building on my way home tonight.

Following the composition tips offered by the course hosts I cropped this differently than I might have otherwise and I think that made it a more interesting composition.

Anyway, it was the best I could do in the dark. So here is my landmark, the Oregon State Capitol on a cold November night.

Oregon Capitol by Richard Gessford

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One Response to Photo 101, Day 7: Landmark

  1. Corina says:

    Very nice shot. I really enjoy that building when I’m in town. There is always something to see, something to photograph on the capitol grounds.

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