Photo 101, Day 8: The Natural World

Today’s photo challenge was to capture “the natural world”. We were reminded to look for natural lines that lead the eye into the frame and also to be mindful of the rule of thirds.

Due to time constraints I didn’t have the opportunity to get out and shoot some of my favorite natural places in good light today but I did manage to take a couple shots of the Illahe golf course at twilight before Ted’s retirement party in the club house.

Because a golf course is so meticulously maintained I’m not really sure it qualifies as completely natural but at least it made for a good landscape. Between the solid foreground, application of the rule of thirds, and the open lines of the fairway leading the eye into the picture the composition is pleasing. And since Illahe means “earth”, “place”, or “soil” in the Chinook Indian dialect I’ve got that going for me and what could be more natural than that?

Illahe by Richard Gessford

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