Photo 101, Day 9: Warmth

The day 9 photo challenge was to take a picture symbolizing warmth.

We were encouraged to head outside and capture an image of warmth using the sun as the source but ironically the Willamette Valley was blessed today  with the coldest, wettest, and darkest day of the season so far. Since shooting pictures in the warm sun was clearly out of the question it was time another plan, something warm, like taking a picture of the fire through the glass door of the wood stove!

Nothing warms like the radiant heat of wood, especially when you can control the combustion air entering the stove. Take a hot fire and choke it back a bit and the color of the flames shifts to a deep red-orange. Choke it back some more and the flames diffuse into an orange and purple plasma cloud that dances in the space over the wood.

Anyway here it is, warmth on a cold wet day.

Warmth by Richard C Gessford

Now with today’s picture done how about a bonus picture from the archives? Why Not? Even though the color of the flames isn’t so red I also think this one says warmth, and as a composition the coffee mug and feet in the picture brings a human element into the scene and suggests a story which always adds interest to a picture.

Warmth by Richard Gessford

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One Response to Photo 101, Day 9: Warmth

  1. Kat Lehman says:

    I picked our pellet stove as it is in the 20s here and definitely NOT warm (but the house is toasty).

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