Photo 101, Day 12: Architecture

Today’s assignment was architecture and with so many great subjects to choose from it was difficult to decide. So I didn’t. Today you get three shots.

I will begin with the D.A. White & Son grain rolling and seed cleaning building down on Front St. What history! I’m sure it dates back the to very earliest days of Salem and the building recalls the city’s pioneer roots in agriculture.

DA White by Richard Gessford


Next is this neat masonry castle.

Salem Castle by Richard GessfordI really like the color of the old copper spire over the turret. It looks like something out of a fairytale and I keep expecting to see Rapunzel at the window throwing down her long hair. I don’t know much about the building but with the vertical orientation of the picture I’m going to take this opportunity to try aligning the picture of the building on the right with the text running down the left. Here goes…

And finally a Shot of the Ladd and Bush Bank at the corner of State and Commercial. Ladd and Bush were very prominent bankers who had their hands in just about everything in the early days of Oregon; timber, railroads, paddlewheel steamships on the Columbia, agriculture, you name it, they were in it.

The building was constructed in 1869 and was for many decades the banking hub of the Mid-Willamette Valley. The vault door is colossal and the gigantic vault itself is covered in thick marble. Unlike todays cloud based virtual currency the necessity for a vault like that recalls a time when money was made of real stuff and the well to do, business concerns, and even other banks of the area needed a safe depository in which to keep their money.

Ladd and Bush by Richard Gessford


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