Photo 101, Day 13: Moment

When I took the portrait of the dog I knew the theme for today was “Moment”, however it wasn’t until later that I discovered we were supposed to turn off the flash and experiment with slow shutter speeds and long exposures.

So today you get two pictures; the shot of my little buddy who’s constantly reminding me to seize the moment and play! And another I took a couple of days ago by accident.

Since it seems the featured photo in the reader is always the second one, I will post the traditional portrait I took with a flash first.

Dog by Richard C Gessford

And here is my long exposure. I accidently tripped the shutter *click* putting the camera away in the dark, and for the many seconds that the shutter stayed open I made funny faces into the lens. Voila! It is art! I call it…”Selfie Moment”

Selfie moment by Richard C Gessford

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2 Responses to Photo 101, Day 13: Moment

  1. Lovely moment of your dog, I love the expression on his/her face!

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