Photo 101, #20: Triumph

The 20th and final Photo 101 theme was “Triumph”, and making 20 posts in one month has been a small triumph over blog posting jitters. Through repetition It’s become routine now and I’m much more comfortable putting something up on both the PC and the iPad.

As a young man I wasn’t much of a student but over time I’ve come to really appreciate good writing…Oh why didn’t I pay closer attention in English! If I were posing anonymously I think it would be easier since I wouldn’t have to worry about people seeing poor punctuation, bad spelling, and bad writing with my name on it.

Yet in spite of all my literary flailing friends, colleagues, and clients who have wandered by have all been delighted, so really I should just lay aside any concerns and carry on. Good writing I think comes from confidence and confidence comes from practice.

And speaking of practice, what fun it has been practicing the fine art of photography with all of the other photo 101 participants from around the world! Viewing their cities, towns, and villages, through their eyes, and getting to know them, their families, and their photographic style has been a delightful privilege.

Many thanks to the course organizers and thanks especially to the other participants for sharing your inspiring images and your feedback!

And Finally, besides completing the photo 101 challenge, here’s the other weekend Triumph. Raking up the leaves.


Richard C Gessford by Richard Gessford a

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