On a Winter’s day.

Good golly! Now that the photo challenge is over I’ve been neglecting my blog. Poor thing!

Interest rates are way down since the first of the year and business at the mortgage shop has been brisk. So if you’re looking to buy a home, or you’ve got a mortgage over 5% on a residential property here in Oregon, hit the contact tab and get in touch. I just may be able to save you some money and it won’t cost you anything to find out.

But as they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy so I’m pleased to report that the inspiration for todays post has been brought to you by a combination of a day off, good weather, and low water. A quiet and peaceful cold winter’s day down on the river.

And it just don’t get much better than that.

Richard Gessford Willamette River A

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5 Responses to On a Winter’s day.

  1. Nice sky and water reflections

    • Thank you. The low angle of the winter sun at my latitude makes for beautiful and dramatic skies. A kind of soft, diffused, low contrast light with good color and gentle shadows. Hard to believe an iPhone 5 took a shot like that… the HDR setting really helped.

      • Cell phone cameras are getting better and better. Sometime I think my heave DSLR needs to be used as an anchor. Thank you for your detailed response. Best with all your photographic endeavors.

      • Thanks Tim, I know exactly what you mean about the DSLR! But still, phones don’t zoom. At least not yet anyway! LOL.

      • True but there are some who prefer stable lenses and don’t mind changing lenses to achieve their ideal image. Things change so quickly that the zoom is my preference. Sometime you can’t change the distance by using your feet.

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