Fish Scale

What better way to demonstrate the scale effect than with the classic fisherman’s trick of holding the catch toward the camera to make the fish look bigger?

In this case my arms are holding the fish straight out toward the camera making the 17″ Kokanee look like huge salmon, and when we sent this picture to our fishing buddies back home they thought it was a mutant and we had to reassure them. “No, seriously dude, calm down… you don’t need a bigger boat, it’s just a nice kokanee!” and “Don’t worry, Richard didn’t get hit in the head!”

My friend Gary took this shot and frankly I don’t know what I like best about it; the effectiveness of the fish forward technique, the disorienting tilt, or the silly look on my face, which has gotten lots of laughs and launched a “dummy with a fish” meme within our circle of friends.

The thinking goes like this; Since we all have enough trophy shots, why not take some silly ones?

I asked the kids about the wisdom of posing this here. The oldest was concerned about my professional image but the youngest was enthusiastic and said there’s nothing wrong with somebody having a little fun, even at their own expense, “it just shows you’re human” and “besides, you always look that way!”


Kokanut2 by Richard Gessford

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