Cuckoo for Coho

Today’s photo blog assignment was “double” and since I needed two of something I picked another silly fish picture of me holding a nice pair of Coho salmon.

For more on the silly fish picture meme see my previous post “Fish Scale”.

While I like the overall composition of the shot I must apologize in advance for the quality of the image. It was taken by a friend with an iPhone 4 and the original image was poorly lit and quite grainy. I gave it a going over in Photoshop but it didn’t respond well to treatment so ultimately I went with the trusty old standby – apply the watercolor filter and call it art! Voila!

And for any fisher-persons out there who may notice an extra fin on the fish to the right don’t worry, it was the September open season and legal to keep. Funny that the “hatchery” fish is bigger than the “wild” one.

I'm Cuckoo for Coho!

I’m Cuckoo for Coho!

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