Triumph 2.0

The final March ’15 photo 101 blog theme is “Triumph” and I’m calling this one 2.0 because this is the second time I’ve participated in photo 101 – sort of…

The first time was back in November when I officially signed up for the course but sadly, this time around, I missed registration and had to participate as a tag-along by watching the posts in the photo 101 reader and then figuring out the assignments.

The first time through I made it a point to take original photographs for each assignment, but as a tag-along this time I relaxed that rule and simply published images from the archives.

I really liked the challenge of creating and posing a new image each day and clearly I got a lot more out of the class by following the photo-taking composition exercises, however this time I’ve enjoyed publishing some old favorites out of the archives and into the light of day.

One highlight that hasn’t changed has been seeing what everybody else has done with the assignments on the blog reader and interacting with “likes” and comments.

Will I do it again? You bet! Only next time I’ll do my best to sign up before the cut-off! I miss the commons.

Anyway, here it is. Kokanee Gary with another Triumph. I swear that guy could catch fish in outer space. It’s really quite amazing.

Richard Gessford

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