Coastal Break October 2015

Slipped away last Friday for a fall camping trip to the beach. I like the off season, you don’t need reservations since the campgrounds never fill up. Just pack up your kit and git! So I took advantage of the nice weather and headed on down to Waldport.

Friday was a good day for traveling and I found a cozy camping spot right next to the beach. Good thing the weather was nice cause I sure wouldn’t want to be there if it was blowing! Then on Saturday I rode the bridge across the Alsea at Waldport. It’s a big modern concrete bridge with interesting Art Deco themed columns and finales, and the view of Alsea Bay and the town of Waldport from the generous sidewalk along the span made the adventure well worth it.

From Waldport I headed north to Pacific City, with stops along the way in Newport and Lincoln City. I was tempted to stay in Lincoln City at D Lake campground but then I wouldn’t get to see the cape, and who wants to miss that? Not me!

Plus I wanted to try for a tidewater Chinook, which I did on Sunday morning after it stopped pouring down rain. Tossed a bobber and eggs for a couple hours at high slack but never saw a thing. My guess is the fish moved out of tidewater and upriver with the rain.

Tycho: Coastal Break. Theme music for a chill October beach trip.

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