Fall 2016 Chinook Salmon Fishing

Salmon catching with great friends at our (not so secret) salmon catching location. 

This video seemed to fall together naturally. When I spontaneously took the opening shot of the boat trolling (it was going under a bridge I happened to be standing on, not a drone shot) I just somehow knew it would be the perfect opener for a project unknown. I also like the over the shoulder shot of “fish-on Don” pulling on a nice fish, it creates an interesting first person point of view, but sadly shortly after that clip was taken the fish suddenly turned and headed steadily and unstoppably out to sea. A seal took it and there was nothing to do at that point but break it off before it spooled the reel, tie on a new rig, and try again. 

Don’t feel bad for him though, in spite of the seal stealing Don’s prize that time, he still managed to out fish both Whitebeard and me for the trip! 


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