What’s your wavelength?

The general concensus is giant lens flares spoil nice landscapes, and in spite of how good smart phone cameras are getting to be these days they are still very much prone to it as you can see here. Especially when shooting toward the sun.

However in this case I think the colors and intensity of the flare makes the shot and the bolt of energy aimed squarely at the bench on the rocky point creates a powerful place to bask and contemplate the many mysteries of the photon, a paradoxically massless particle that transmits the sun’s radiant energy through the vacuum of space at the speed of light.

Some wavelengths of this electro-magnetic energy we see as color with our eyes while other wavelengths, outside our visual rage, we sense with our skin; infrared as warmth, ultra-violet as a tan or painful sun-burn!

We also use photons to communicate. Our smart phones exchange waves of photons with networks of nearby cell towers to bring us our calls, texts, photos, videos, and emails. I’m using photons right now to upload this post from my tablet to the web!

I imagine photons may ultimately prove to be the very basis of matter in the universe. As scientists crush subatomic particles into even tinier bits with increasingly sophisticated machines, the matter just seems to evaporate away as photons as it’s converted into energy. Einstien’s famous equation E = MC2 describes the conversion of matter into energy but I wonder if the reverse equation might also be true. Can photons be converted back into matter? And if so, does this mean matter is really just made up of coalesced photons? 

They say the gravitational field of black holes are so intense light itself (photons) cannot escape, and this is why they’re called black holes. And since we can’t look inside them who knows what’s going on in there? Maybe it’s the job of black holes to suck up stray photons and squish them back into matter. Gravity does weird stuff like that; its the force behind the fusion that powers our sun. 

I can’t help but wonder at the profound insight into God’s creation contained in Genesis: “Let there be light” and all the photons and electro-magnetic phenomena that implys, for without it none of this could be. How could people so long ago, people without particle accelerators or atom smashers, know that light was fundamental to it all.

Today science accepts the paradox and uncertainty of massless particles because it explains what they can detect and do with their instruments. Yet science still seems to disregard the evidence of a soul in spite of the undeniable and miraculous life force present in all of us. 

Massless particles transmitting energy through infinity at the speed of light. Sounds like soul-stuff to me! Seek the light!

Deeper video on the subject:

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