Rough Country

A trip down memory lane turned into a wilderness adventure when I visited Osprey Point on Craine Praire Reservoir this Spring. 

Last winter the high Cascades received the heaviest snow pack in years and it flattened a good many of the young spindly pines that sprung up over the preceding mild winters, turning an easy hike into an obstacle course of downed trees infested by great hoards of mosquitos spawned in the bogs left behind by the melting snow. Yet in spite of all this discouragement I stubbornly proceeded onward into the brush, bogs, and bugs because I wanted to visit the memory of the last time I was there, about 20 years ago. A happy place in time that seems, looking back on it now, like one or two life-times ago. 

I’m not sure what Osprey Point would think of me now but I have to say, the years haven’t been kind to it. A dense thicket has grown up to completely obscure the view of the lake, and the interpretive signs that haven’t fallen down already look like they soon will. And while I didn’t see any Ospreys at Osprey Point this time around, I did hear a large number of geese honking and carrying on somewhere beyond the thicket. However none of that really mattered as I was just happy to be there once again, to remember fondly some earlier times and reminisce about how quickly years go by… all the while pacing rapidly back and forth to keep the mosquitoes at bay!

I took this by the bridge over the creek on my way back to camp. For fun on a hot summer day I waded across this creek those many years before, but not this time! The ever-present mosquitoes did their best to keep me moving but the late day colors were so wonderful I had to stop for a quick shot or two of the rough country before moving on once again. I wonder what it will look like in another 20 years? Somehow I think old Osprey Point will be just fine. 


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