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Cleaning Cast Iron with FIRE!

“Cleaning Cast Iron With Fire” is my latest YouTube video on the subject of cast iron cookware. Back in the old days cleaning cast iron meant throwing it into a fire to burn off the old seasoning and crusties. However, this can lead to overheating so it’s important to … Continue reading

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Cleaning Cast Iron With Electrolysis

Cleaning Cast Iron with electrolysis. In addition to monetary history, cast iron is a topic that brings traffic to this blog so in keeping with the “give the people what they want” concept here’s my latest offering on electrolysis; “Cleaning Cast Iron with electrolysis”. It’s the … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Grill Pan, Fall Chinook Salmon!

What happens when you combine your favorite hobbies; fishing, cast iron, cooking and movie making? I suppose it would look something like this: Bon appetit!

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Let Them Eat Cake

The time was just prior to the French revolution and the peasantry was suffering. It’s been said that upon hearing the people had no bread the French Queen Marie Antoinette quipped “Let them eat cake”. The causes of the of the French revolution … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Waffle Iron Waffles

Here I demonstrate making waffles with a 1920’s WagnerWare cast iron waffle iron. A really neat piece of steel I found at one of our local flea markets. It’s fun to use and makes fantastic waffles. The Salem area is home to a fair number … Continue reading

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