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Happy Easter 2016!


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Monochrome Film Pinhole

A Moment in Motion. This black and white photograph of South Falls at Silver Falls State Park, Oregon, was taken with an old 120mm film box camera converted to pinhole on a cold and blustery November day. Just imagine the deafening roar of rain … Continue reading

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On a Winter’s day.

Good golly! Now that the photo challenge is over I’ve been neglecting my blog. Poor thing! Interest rates are way down since the first of the year and business at the mortgage shop has been brisk. So if you’re looking to … Continue reading

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Photo 101, Day 15: Landscape

Today’s theme is “Landscape” and since I love the outdoors and shooting landscapes I figured this one would be easy! So as I packed up the trusty old DSLR on the way out the door this morning I promised myself I’d shoot while there was daylight. What … Continue reading

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Photo 101, Day 13: Moment

When I took the portrait of the dog I knew the theme for today was “Moment”, however it wasn’t until later that I discovered we were supposed to turn off the flash and experiment with slow shutter speeds and long exposures. So … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Waffle Iron Waffles

Here I demonstrate making waffles with a 1920’s WagnerWare cast iron waffle iron. A really neat piece of steel I found at one of our local flea markets. It’s fun to use and makes fantastic waffles. The Salem area is home to a fair number … Continue reading

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