Photo 101, Day 17: Glass

Assignment 17 is “Glass”, play around with it and have some fun!

For this shot I used an iPhone 5 to take a picture of a feather lined up behind two magnifying glasses and let me tell you, aligning the two looking glasses so they’re both in focus, without glare, then holding the feather in one hand and taking pictures with the other was tricky!

The shot was originally a wider view but the more I cropped the more I liked until finally it became a bit surreal.


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4 Responses to Photo 101, Day 17: Glass

  1. tildy1 says:

    Steady hand! Interesting effect.

    • It was a fun experiment and worth the effort. Using the volume button to trip the shutter helps steady a horizontal single hand shot, except it’s easy to run off a burst…Click, click, click.

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